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ding scenery, which is branded as "the last pure land on earth", "the last Shangri-La", and "the ▓holy land in the sun" for its crystal cl▓ear lakes, beautiful mountains and grasslands, swaying trees and fabulous hot springs.Special Children's Day for Tibetan kids in DaochengSpeci▓al Children's Day for Tibetan kids in Daocheng05-31-2017 16:09 BJTBy Li Shouen, CCTV.com Panview Editor-in-chiefDaocheng County, in southwest China's Sichuan Pro▓vinc

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great singer when she's older.F▓or a boy named Duoji, whose father died when he was an infant at 6 months, he hopes one day he could play on a basketball team. He is a goo


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d ▓student in his teachers' eyes. His certificates of merits s▓peak loudly for him.But, kids here at the beautiful yet remote


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and under-develop▓ed Daocheng County are studying in classrooms, playing on playgrounds and living in dormitories that are i▓n


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dismal conditions.However, a group of 22 volunteers ▓from across China, sponsored by Jincheng Ruida Group, opened a window for


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them to have a gl▓impse of the outside world, and might help them draw a step closer to their dreams.On May 26, a few days p


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rior to Childr▓en's Day which falls on June 1, they visited three local schools and donated stationery, sporting goods, unifo

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rms and daily necessities including flour, milk, seed oil, etc. for stu▓dents. Although donations won't bring a substan▓tial change to their lives, but in the long run

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February 2014

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dults, and is reducing their quality of life. If▓ tre

, onc▓e a window gets opened and a seed planted, kids fro▓m the scenic Daocheng County will find a wider and more colorful world, though not so pure as their holy land, is waiting for them. Hope this

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February 2014


▓future so much better."Dr. Gozal is correct that few fa

would be a memorable Children’s Day in the▓ir lives.(Special thanks to Ms. Zhou Xiaolei, a reporter from China.org.cn. One of the volunteers, who visited three primar▓y schools and sent the wr

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February 2014

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Nonetheless, many people are not familiar with the ailmen

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Code to follow us ▓on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+'Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have come up two new modified toy car desi▓

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